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Are you seeking effective pain management or improved mobility? Look no further! JJ Mobile Physiotherapy offers high-quality mobile physiotherapy services tailored for your comfort, whether you're at home, in the workplace, or at the gym.

Tailored In-Home Physiotherapy Services for Diverse Needs

Our services cater specifically to individuals who require in-home physiotherapy.
This includes, but is not limited to:

 Busy Individuals
For those with busy schedules who find it inconvenient to travel to a clinic, we bring high-quality physiotherapy to your doorstep.

 NDIS Participants
Dedicated services for those under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) who are self-managing their funds or using a plan manager.

 Elderly Individuals
Providing specialised care for the elderly, ensuring comfort and convenience within the familiar environments of their homes, aged care facilities, or retirement villages.

 Post-Surgery Patients
Tailored physiotherapy services designed to support individuals recovering from surgery. Enjoy the convenience of rehabilitation in the comfort of your own home.

Helping a senior in need stand up, using a walker.

Why Choose Us

Our dedicated physiotherapist diagnose and manage various musculoskeletal conditions and chronic issues, providing personalised pain relief, tailored exercises, and safe management strategies for independent living.

At JJ Mobile Physiotherapy, we stand behind our high-standard services and patient-oriented care, offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. *Terms & Condition apply

 Police Checked
 Flu + Covid Vaccinated
 First Aid + CPR Training
 NDIS Safeguard Training
 Mental Health First Aid Training
We offer 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with the service

No commission will be received from any recommended products and referral to other providers.

No Travel Hassle

Saves time from travelling.
Relax before and after your treatment.

Holistic Approach

Consider not only physical but also emotional, social, and environmental factors to enhance your well-being.

Longer Consultations

Extended appointments to allow adequate time for your physiotherapist to listen to your story.

High-Quality Care

Highly qualified and experienced physiotherapist providing treatments based on latest scientific evidence and clinical guidelines.

Restore Your Lifestyle

Regain confidence and reclaim your lifestyle with our personalized physiotherapy services. Resume the activities/hobbies that you love to do.


Learn how to manage pain and increase mobility through education and strategies tailored for your needs and goals.

Get to know our Physiotherapist

Home Visit for NDIS Paticipants

We offer home visit services to NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) paticipants who are self-managing their funds or using a plan manager who is managing their funds.

Benefits of using our services:

No Binding Contract On The Service Agreement

Participants may end the physiotherapy service at any time. This allows participants to have complete freedom to allocate their funds according to their needs.

No Extra Fees For Standard Communication

We work closely with GPs and other professionals as required. Communications lasting less than 10 minutes will not result in any extra fees.

The physiotherapist and the patient in the wheelchair exchange a fist bump, creating a friendly and supportive moment during their session.

Keen On Hygiene?

Your safety and health are our priorities.
We proudly use the most hygienic face shield on the market – the Purifas FaceShield.
The Purifas FaceShield is clinically proven to reduce the transmission of bacteria onto the treatment bed.

Book your next treatment with confidence!

The Purifas FaceShield boasts a range of remarkable benefits. Firstly, it has undergone scientific testing, proving to reduce bacterial transfer by an impressive 86%. Moreover, this medical device has been listed and approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration, ensuring its reliability and safety. The FaceShield's durability is another advantage, as it won't tear during treatment, eliminating any risk of the user's face coming into contact with shared surfaces. Lastly, it guarantees a comfortable and pleasant experience, remaining soft, quiet, and free from sticking during treatment sessions. With its proven efficacy and user-friendly features, the Purifas FaceShield stands out as a valuable tool for healthcare professionals.

Our Travel Region

Our travel range extends up to 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD, Victoria.
Appointments outside this range may be arranged. Please contact us for more details.

30 mins from Melbourne service area

Claims and Payments

We accept Chronic Disease Management referrals (formerly Enhanced Primary Care or EPC).
Cash, debit/credit card payments accepted.
On-the-spot claims using Medipass.
Members of the following private health insurance providers are currently able to use Medipass to process claims directly on their mobile phones:

Private health insurance providers: AAMI, ahm, Apia, Australia Seniors, Bupa, Defence Health, Emergency Services Health, Frank Health Insurance, GMBHA, IMAN, ING Health Insurance, Medibank, nib, Priceline Health Insurance, Police Health, Qantas Insurance, Real Insurance, Suncorp, Teachers Union Health, Union Health, Westfund.

For NDIS participants and patients under an aged care plan, simply provide us with your plan manager's information, and we will coordinate payments directly with them.

Enhance your mobility, comfort and wellbeing with us!